I just recently arrived at the 2017 WJMC conference. When I got there, I checked in, brought my luggage to my dorm and got settled in. No one in my suite was around when I arrived, however when I came back from my meeting with my advisors at the Hub, I met my roommate Julian who comes to this program from WV.

Regarding my meeting with my advisors, I have to say that they were really nice. After we introduced ourselves, they told me about the rules and other general info. My advisors also gave me a book by April Ryan who is one of the speakers at the conference as well as the program notebook which has everything needed to know for the conference.  My junior adviser is named Kalley and my senior advisor is named Sue.

Overall this has been a fine day to begin this camp and I look forward to making more memories as the camp continues. I am especially looking forward to going to the newseum and Capitol Hill.


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