So far throughout my time here at WJMC, I can say that the journalistic part of it so far has lived up to the expectations. We correspondents have been constantly on the move often shuttling back and forth between D.C and George Mason Campus. The Conference got off to a rousing start with a very intriguing opening speech by newseum pr director Sonya Gavankar. She spoke strongly about the importance of networking and internships saying that they are critical to finding internships and soon after legit jobs in the journalism field. Sonya also gave many extremely helpful tips and advice to my fellow correspondents who like me are thinking about or already set to make a career in Journalism. Then following that we had a meeting as a color group to talk about her speech and plan for the upcoming week.

Yesterday was a day full of fun sightseeing in D.C. We bookended a visit to the newseum in the morning with an extremely cool twilight visit to the world famous WWII memorial and Lincoln memorial. Some people also went to the Vietnam Memorial. I had already been to the newseum once before so I knew about it but since I am so interested in the things featured there, paying a visit to the museum of news will never grow old for me. The memorials were also amazing especially how serene and pretty they were in the dusk. This long and eventful day also featured a speech by Ron Meyer who is a conservative libertarian that founded and is in charge of Red Alert Politics. This magazine is the only one in publication dedicated to conservative millennials.

Today featured speaker after speaker who all play different roles in the Journalism field. Yet, they all are well respected by their peers. The list of speakers was as follows:the Marsh sisters, David Culver, Brian Lamb, April Ryan, and lastly Kevin Mccarthy. Each of these speakers had different advice to offer us aspiring journalists and they all did a very good job. Lamb’s speech was very unique in that instead of hogging the microphone and attention, the founder of C-Span let the correspondents tell their stories and realize the power of storytelling. He was probably the most liked along with McCarthy who dropped all these name-bombs of celebrities he has interviewed as part of his job as a movie critic for NBC Washington. I found each speaker to be unique and awesome in their own way and I feel that each of them gave me at least one piece of advice that will stay with me as I enter the field that they have already paved paths in.

Overall, this has been a fairly well start to the week and I look forward to doing more cool things and learning more about Journalism as the conference continues.



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